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January 14th and April 14th at 7PM CT/ 6 PM MT

Online, On Demand

2015-2016 Presentations and Handouts

What is Care Coordination?
Coordinating your family's medical care can be a stressful, but very important task in ensuring your families well-being.  In this session learn techniques to organize healthcare information, skills to effectively communicate among multiple providers, and  discover the medical home concept.
Presenters: Teresa Nold and Lori Larson, South Dakota Parent Connection
What Is Care Coordination Presentation

2014-2015 Presentations and Handouts

Special Olympics South Dakota- We Aren't Just a Track Meet
Come find out how Special Olympics is more than just a track meet.  Special Olympics is a sports organization offering opportunities for all abilities, an agent for social change, and benefits athletes and their families in the classroom, home and community. Hear first-hand from athletes and advocates who have participated in Special Olympics.
Presenter: Johna Thum, Special Events Director- Special Olympics South Dakota
Special Olympics Handout
Recording of Special Olympics Presentation

Estate Planning 101: Special Needs Planning

Discussion explaining how to make sure your child with special needs is taken care of in the event of your death and how to get started.
Items to be discussed:  Wills, Special Needs Trusts, and Payback Trusts.

Presenter: Gabe Nelson, Certified Financial Planner at Gabe Nelson Financial
Life Plan Handout
Letter of Intent Handout
Recording of Estate Planning Presentation

Visual Strategies

The presentation will highlight visual strategies that can be used with individuals in early childhood through high school.  Visual strategies such as schedules, choice boards, boundary settings, task completion, behavior supports, power cards and social stories will be covered.  The presentation will include an explanation of the strategies, how to create the strategies and how to implement the strategies.
Presenter: Kim Dobson, Educator
Visual Strategies Handouts

Recording of Visual Strategies Presentation
Picture Examples of Visual Strategy Tools

Understanding an Individual Health Plan (IHP)

The Individualized Health Plan is a plan for students who have healthcare needs which require additional supports during the school day.  From preparing for a life-threatening allergy to daily supports for medication or a feeding tube, developing a health plan may be what your child needs.  A student does not need to be on an IEP or a 504 plan to qualify.  Come hear more about the steps needed to implement an IHP- and the different ways health plans may be implemented. 
Presenter: Teresa Nold, Outreach Specialist South Dakota Parent Connection
Recording of Understanding an Individual Health Plan
Individual Health Plan Powerpoint

Shriners Hospitals for Children- How They Can Be A Resource For You

What is Shriners Hospitals for Children?  What kind of care and services do they provide?  How can families and professionals access Shriners Hospitals for Children as a resource?  These questions and more will be answered in a session presented by the Referral Development Coordinator from the Twin Cities Shriners Hospital for Children.
Presenter:  Sophia Jones, Referral Development Coordinator at Shriners Hospitals for Children- Twin Cities
Recording of Shriners Information Session
Shriners Hospital for Children PowerPoint
Pediatric Orthopaedic Hospital & Clinic Brochure
Pediatric Orthopaedic Specialists Brochure

Bridging the Behavior Intervention Plan From School To Home
Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs) are common place for students who display challenging behavior that impacts learning. The plan may be effective in the educational setting, but what if behaviors in the home environment do not improve?  Learn strategies to apply  BIPs  across  environments.
Presenter: Lacy M. Knutson, M.S., BCBA, Training Associate/Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Center for Disabilities
Recording of Behavior Intervention Plan From School To Home
Behavior Intervention Plan From School to Home PowerPoint
Bridging the BIP to Home Handout

A Positive Approach on Parenting Children with Challenging Behaviors
This presentation will discuss and teach different ways parents can set behavior expectations and boundaries for their children.  The importance of identifying positives in your child and developing a healthy relationship will be highlighted and how parenting each child can be different.

Presenter:  Dr. Aimee Deliramich, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, LifeScape
Recording of A Positive Approach on Parenting Children with Challenging Behaviors
Presentation Handouts

The Ins and Outs of a 504 Plan
How is a 504 Plan different than an IEP?  This presentation will discuss the requirements of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act along with the responsibilities of public schools in educating students with disabilities. Join us and learn about the purpose of a 504 Plan and how to develop and implement one.
Presenter: Paula Souhrada, SDPC
The Ins and Outs of a 504 Plan Recorded Presentation
The Ins and Outs of a 504 Plan Powerpoint Handout
IEP/504 Comparison Handout

The Basics of an IEP and Procedural Safeguards

This presentation will walk participants through the basic steps of developing an IEP.   Parents and professionals will learn about  the rights and responsibilities built into special education laws. Join us and learn the procedural safeguards in special education laws, parents and school responsibilities for implementation, and resources to assist in helping children with disabilities succeed.
Presenter: Paula Souhrada, Navigator Coordinator, SDPC

The Basics of an IEP and Procedural Safeguard Recorded Presentation
The Basics of an IEP and Procedural Safeguards PowerPoint
Checklist for Evaluation Request Handout

2013-2014 Presentations and Handouts

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Job Placement and Training Strategies

Often Overlooked- Transition Planning for Health Care
Video Presentation - Often Overlooked Transition Planning for Health Care
Often Overlooked- Transition Planning for Health Care PowerPoint
Transition Readiness- Changing Roles for Youth Handout
Transition Readiness- Changing Roles for Parents Handout

Making The Most of High School Programming
Recording of Making the Most of High School Programming
Making the Most of High School Programming Handout of Presentation

Person Centered Thinking Tools to Help You Plan and Problem Solve
PCT Tools to Help You Plan and Problem Solve Presentation Recording
Handouts of PCT Tools

Improve Planning and Results with Person Centered Thinking
Improve Planning and Results with PCT Recording
Presentation Handouts

The Behavior-Communication Connection
The Behavior Communication Connection Recording
The Behavior- Communication Connections PowerPoint Presentation

Kids and Beyond Consequences
Kids and Beyond Consequences Recording
Kids and Beyond Consequences PowerPoint Presentation

Picking Your Battles
Picking Your Battles Recording
Picking Your Battles- Negotiating With Your Tween PowerPoint Presentation

Positive Parenting
Positive Parenting Recording
Positive Parenting PowerPoint Presentation
Grab Bag and Glass Jar Handouts
Parenting Handout

2012-2013 Presentations and Handouts

Guardianship: One Size Does Not Fit All
Guardianship Handout
Robert Kean's Guardianship: One Size Does Not Fit All Presentation

SSI - Common Questions and Concerns

SSI Handout

Outsmarting Behavioral Issues - Before, During, and After

Outsmarting Behavioral Issues Powerpoint
Outsmarting Behavioral Issues Recording

Keeping it Together: Skills to Maintain Your Composure when Your Teen Has Lost Theirs

Keeping it Together Powerpoint handout
Brain Basics Handout
Keeping it Together Recording

Cutting Through the Static: Bridging the Communication Gap with Your Teen with Mental Health Challenges

December 13 Powerpoint Presentation
Recording of Cutting Through the Static Presentation

Transition (Beyond High School) 101: Preparing Before Transition Hits!

When Should We Begin Planning
Adult Services in SD
What Can I do as a Parent Powerpoint Presentation
Recording of Transition (Beyond High School) 101: Preparing Before Transition Hits Presentation

Bowel and Bladder Challenges in Children Over Age 4

Recording of Bowel and Bladder Challenges in Children Over Age 4

To iPad or Not to iPad

PowerPoint Presentation
Recording of To iPad or Not to iPad
(It may take a few minutes to load. Click the arrow at the bottom to begin playing the recording)

2011-2012 Presentations and Handouts

What Schools Should Be Doing About Student Behaviors

Powerpoint Presentation for May 10 Parent Education Session
Video Recording of Rebecca Cain's Presentation

Discipline and Children with Special Needs

Recording of Discipline and Children with Special Needs Presentation
Rapport and Respect Handout - Discipline and Children with Special Needs
Homework, Mealtime, Bedtime Choices Handout - Discipline and Children with Special Needs

Social Skills4Kids

Supporting Handouts for Social Skills 4 Kids:
151 Social Skills
105 Parents Can Help Social
Good Manners
Video recording of Social Skills 4 Kids
(move the slider bar at the bottom of the screen to 2:20 to start the presentation)

Special Needs Trusts: Financial Planning for Families

Recording of Gabe Nelson's Presentation on Special Needs Trusts with Powerpoint Slides
Powerpoint: Special Needs Trusts by Gabe Nelson
Handout: Letter of Intent Form
Handout: Planning for the Future

"I Shouldn't Have to Tell 'Em That" Helping Teens Develop Responsible Behavior and Problem Solving Skills.

Powerpoint Presentation Handout
View Recording of January 12 Session

"I Shouldn't Have to Tell 'Em That" Helping Kids Develop Responsible Behavior and Problem Solving Skills

Recorded Presentation   (Note: The first 33 minutes of this post does not include sound. However if you move the circle below the slides to 33 minutes you will be able to hear all of Dr. Arnio's presentation and eliminate the chat conversation regarding technical problems. At 33 minutes you will not immediately see the slides, because there was not one displayed but slides should also be visible during the presentation. A complete set of Dr. Arnio's slides is available below.)
Powerpoint Slides

Be a Superhero for Your Child: Strengthening Parents' Role in the IEP Process

Video Presentation
Powerpoint Slides

Supporting Children and Youth with Dual Hearing and Vision Impairments

Recorded Presentation
Powerpoint Slides

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