About Us

About Us

Small Child with Arms Outstreched Mission:
To connect families caring for children/youth (ages birth to 26) with the full range of disabilities or special health care needs to information, training and resources in an environment of support, hope and respect.

South Dakota Parent Connection, Inc. (SDPC) was founded in 1985 by a group of dedicated parents and professionals to provide training and information statewide to meet the needs of parents and families caring for individuals with disabilities. SDPC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Since 1985 SDPC has served continuously as the state's only Parent Training and Information Center (PTI).   In 2005 SDPC partnered with the South Dakota Department of Education, Special Education Programs to establish the Navigator Program.  In 2007 SDPC received a grant to serve as the state's Family to Family Health Information Center (F2FHIC) and continues to serve as our state's F2FHIC.


The SDPC Board of Directors is responsible for policies, finances, programs and property of SDPC.  At least 50% of the board members are parents of children with disabilities or special health care needs.  A term on the board is a three-year term with reappointment available for two additional terms. The board meets the third Thursday of each month.  The meetings are held at the Sioux Falls office, but Board members unable to travel to Sioux Falls are connected via conference call to ensure participation from across the state.

Current Board Members are:

  • Amber Winkler, Sioux Falls
  • Angela Arlt, Lennox
  • Brad Bartz, Sioux Falls
  • Christopher Bordeaux, Pine Ridge
  • Carmyn Egge, Sioux Falls
  • Deb Docken, Sioux Falls
  • Elizabeth Krogstad, Sioux Falls
  • Kami Wittrock, Sioux Falls
  • Kerry Larson, Sioux Falls
  • Krista Bau, Aberdeen
  • Kristi Wallin, Sioux Falls
  • Musheera Mohammed Anis Abdellatif, Vermillion

For information about becoming a board member, contact SD Parent Connection at sdpc@sdparent.org

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