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Keeping records is an essential part of life. Keeping organized records will help youth become more independent. The MyFILE system was developed through a collaborative effort to help young adults maintain and organize information. The MyFILE is a compact, portable storage system for keeping important records.

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This recordkeeping system helps sort and retrieve information related to these topics:

  High School          Medical                                   Post-Secondary Education and/or Training
  Housing               Therapies                                Transportation
  Employment         Support Providers                    Current Bills
  Financial               Emergency Preparedness         Personal
  Community           Social Security                        Family Services
  Medication            Pets                                       Tax Returns/Legal Papers
Each folder contains a business card holder to note and keep track of individuals who have been helpful.  Often times, it is more comfortable to deal with the same professional in repeated interactions to establish a relationship. Three blank folders are for topics important to youth.

An important note about confidential information:
Protecting confidential information and records is a very important skill for young adults to develop. Parents and professionals are understandably concerned about a young person disclosing or losing confidential records. Use of the MyFILE provides ongoing opportunities for youth to have discussions regarding confidentiality issues, practice maintaining safety and privacy of documents, and rehearse responsible and appropriate disclosure of confidential information -- all with coaching and support from the adults in their life.

Effective August 15, 2017:

SDPC is excited about the increased interest in the MyFILE. The MyFILE is available to schools and other organizations following training by SDPC staff.

Trainings for families: Families referred to SDPC for a MyFILE will be asked to sign up for a training held at SDPC. An online training is in production for viewing and once a survey has been completed we will send them a MyFile with a $7.00 charge for shipping/handling.

Trainings for school districts/organizations: Cost is $400.00 for staff which includes an introduction to the MyFILE, how it can be used as part of a transition program, incorporate them into the IEP as well as objectives for the IEP. It will include 5 MyFiles (additional MyFiles can be purchased at $40.00 each), training for subsequent semesters/school years and MyFILEs can be purchased for $40.00 each plus shipping/handling. If desired, SDPC staff will hold a family training in conjunction with staff training (same day/evening) at no cost.

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