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ADHD Anger, Tantrums, and Mood Shifts – Free Webinar on Nov. 24

Location: Webinar
Date: November 24 at 12:00pm

Webinar on Nov. 24: ADHD Anger Emotional Dysregulation
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Webinar on November 24: ADHD Anger, Tantrums, and Mood Shifts


ADHD Anger, Tantrums, and Mood Shifts: Effective Treatments for Emotional Dysregulation

EXPERT: Joel Nigg, Ph.D.
Tuesday, November 24 @ 1pm U.S. Eastern Time - Register now to reserve your spot!

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One of the most difficult and under-appreciated challenges of ADHD is managing the intense emotions and moods that can hijack everyday life for children and adults alike. And yet, standard treatments for ADHD, designed to optimize attention, only partially address emotional dysregulation.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The causes of emotional dysregulation and why it is an integral part of ADHD
  • The most effective psychosocial treatments for children and adults
  • Lifestyle changes and habits to manage anger and emotionality
  • Other conditions that should be considered if tantrums or anger are the main challenges

The expert QA webinar ADHD Anger, Tantrums, and Mood Shifts: Effective Treatments for Emotional Dysregulation will take place Tuesday, November 24, 2020, at 1pm Eastern Time (12pm Central; 11am Mountain; 10am Pacific).

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NOTE: ADDitude offers an optional certificate of attendance to webinar participants, but does not offer CEU credits. The cost of the certificate of attendance option is $10. If interested, register for the webinar and youll receive instructions after it ends. The certificate link will also be on the webinar replay pageafter the live webinar.


Joel Nigg, Ph.D.

Joel Nigg, Ph.D.

Joel Nigg, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and a professor in the departments of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Oregon Health Science University. He directs the OHSU ADHD Research program and is also director of the division of psychology. Dr. Nigg is the author of Getting Ahead of ADHD, and has published nearly 200 peer-reviewed scientific papers on different aspects of ADHD.

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