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Sensory Friendly Play

Location: Children's Museum of South Dakota, Brookings
Date: August 8 at 1:00pm

Sensory Play

The Children's Museum of South Dakota is hosting Sensory Friendly Play!

Sensory Friendly Play isa low-sensory playtime that offers a calm, less crowded opportunity for exploration in our Museum's exhibits. We invite all families with children experiencing disabilities to these private events. Regular admission rates apply.

These events include the following adaptations:
- Less crowded environment
- Designated quiet rooms
- Adaptive equipment
- Adaptive art tools
- Service pets welcome
- Cafe space available if families bring a packed meal

If your child needs specific accommodations to attend, participate, or engage in play at our museum, please contact the Director of Education Carrie Benson at 605-692-6700ext. 236.

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