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Starting Well 2020: Special Education Considerations
State Special Ed Director, Linda Turner, will visit with families about guidance for schools and families on specific considerations for students with disabilities as we prepare to begin the new school year. This will include discussion of what IEP teams may want to discuss at the start of the year and the difference between school in the home due to flex learning, homebound, and homeschool. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and provide input on what resources would be helpful for families.
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Reading Strategies That Will Work at Home for Ages Kindergarten-5th
In this session, parents will learn about why reading at home is important, how to read with your child at home, how reading looks different at each grade level and what to do if reading is a challenge for your child. Presented by Betsy Drew, SDPC Outreach Specialist
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Graduation Requirements Passed in 2018: What You Need To Know
New graduation requirements were adopted by the Board of Education Standards in July of 2018. Gain an overview of these new graduation requirements, when they are required to be implemented and their impact on children with disabilities. Presented by Linda Turner, Director of Special Education Programs with the South Dakota Department of Education and Andrea Diehm, School Counseling Work-Based Learning Specialist with the South Dakota Department of Education
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The Basics of Procedural Safeguards

When The School Calls: Addressing Responses to Behavioral Challenges
More and more parents report getting calls to come get their child who has misbehaved at school. This session will include information on strategies for parents to use when addressing concerns for their child's behavior at school. Information will be provided about levels of support from how districts handle general behavior of all students to options for individualizing supports for when a student needs more.
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How to Effectively Prevent and Respond to Bullying Behavior in Schools
Highlights the characteristics of bullying behavior, as well as ways for schools to respond effectively to bullying behavior. Includes a discussion of implicit or "hidden" bullying and tips that parents can use to effectively communicate with schools if bullying behavior is occurring. Presented by Kari A. Oyen, ED.S., NCSP, school psychologist. Presentation Slides

My Child Is Being Bullied at School!
Children with ADHD, among other students, are often prime targets for school bullies in class, at lunch, and during recess. They may draw a bully's attention by receiving classroom accommodations, exhibiting weak social skills, or just being "different." Kids who are bullied often come to dread going to school; they also suffer low self-esteem, grades, and academic performance. Michele Borba, Ed.D. provides serious strategies for protecting students from bullies.

Seclusion and Expulsion: Removal From Classroom
Is your child being removed from his or her classroom? Are you getting asked to come and pick your child up from their school? Join Paula Souhrada, Navigator Program Coordinator with SD Parent Connection and John Hamilton, Legal Affairs Director, with SD Advocacy Services as they talk about seclusion and expulsion from school, what it means and what your rights are as a parent. Presentation Slides

Assistive Technology
This session covers a brief overview of assistive technology for children in the K-12 setting. The role of assistive technology in the IEP will also be discussed. Presented by Tina Miller, Educator and Computer Coordinator at LifeScape Specialty School Presentation Handouts

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On demand webinars with topics related to school and students with ADHD, learning disabilities, and other co-occurring conditions.

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